Baseball America has just released its 2008 Prospect Handbook (ordered mine about 5 minutes ago) which ranks each teams Top 30 prospects. They published an article breaking down how each team acquired its Top 30 prospects, here is the breakdown for the Reds:

College – 15

High School – 7

International FA – 3

Trade – 3

Rule V – 2

The Reds rank near the top in college players, trailing just 5 other teams in baseball in acquiring their prospects from the college ranks. Our Redlegs are middle of the pack in high school talent as they rank 13th overall. Internationally is where they really take a hit with just 3 players (my guess is Johnny Cueto, Juan Francisco and Pedro Viola) acquired via International Free Agency. Eight other teams have more than twice as many international guys brought up through their system and just seven teams with fewer than the Reds. However the Reds do have the most Rule V guys, with Jared Burton and Sergio Valenzuela making the top 30 (how Jared Burton still qualifies is beyond me, but apparently he does).