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Jonathon Mayo of recently talked about the pitchers he thought could make a difference in teams 2008 rotation and he discusses both Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto. One thing he says about Bailey is that last year he was hurt (which I have been saying for months now) and when he came back in September his stuff was much better, but its actually even better than that. He notes that Cueto was off the radar a bit but burst onto the scene last year and will likely force his way into the 2008 rotation at some point if there are no injuries that make the call for him. Give it a listen, just go to and on the front page is a picture of Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto that goes along with the link to click to watch the 12 minute long video.

C. Trent Rosecrans is still covering the Reds on his blog and is reporting that the Goodyear, Arizona city council will be voting on Monday to consider entering an exclusive 90 day agreement with the Reds where the Reds couldn’t look elsewhere for a ST home and the city of Goodyear couldn’t entertain another option to share the facility with the Indians. That would be an interesting development.

Also, Jim Callis ranked his #1 prospects from each organization against each other to produce a list of 30. Jay Bruce rolled in at #1. One team has two prospects in the top 10 as the #10 overall prospect by Callis is not listed. My best guess is that its either Homer Bailey or David Price of the Devil Rays.

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