C. Trent Rosecrans (new blogger/multi sport beat writer for 1530Homer.com and former Cincinnati Post Reds beat writer) has this up on his blog:

Well, not yet. But seems like it’s all but done.

Expect the deal to partner Ohio’s two teams in Goodyear, Arizona.

This is pretty big news considering that it seemed like the Reds truly wanted to stay in Sarasota. Here is what John Allen said about the possibilities:

“The stadium will be ready in 2009 when the Cleveland Indians move in, but to build six training fields, the clubhouse and administrative offices is what takes all the time,” Allen said. “In Sarasota our lease expires in 2008. We have three one-year club options that we have to exercise by Aug. 1 the previous year.”

It looks like the Reds would actually make the move in 2010 according to C. Trent, meaning the Reds would use one option year on the current deal with Sarasota. If the deal with Goodyear goes through, the Reds will have plenty of time to figure out a deal with a city to be the home for their High A affiliate that currently plays in Sarasota.

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