Well guys, this is the new site.

Whats New?

Similar layout as before, except I have a lot more control over the layout itself and well, I also get paid (very little by the way) for the ad’s on the top, side and bottom of this page. I hope that by the end of a year I get enough traffic through here that it will pay for the the site. If it doesn’t look like the Ad’s are going to be worth it, they won’t be around for too long. For now though, I am going to see how they work out for me.

There is also the multimedia page. Right now, there isn’t much on it. Eventually though I will be doing podcasts and have video’s up of Reds prospects as well as pictures, desktop backgrounds with prospects and maybe a few other things.

Another thing, that I would love to get some feedback on from you guys is something I am going to do for my own research, but would wonder what the interest level would be from you as far as it being on the site. What I am going to do, whether its a part of the site or not, is create a Minor League Player Directory. Within it, it will have as much information as possible on each player in the minor league system. Known scouting reports, past seasons stats, former teams, news articles, pictures, video if available and ‘fan scouting reports’. The fan scouting reports would be something that obviously would only be an option if its a part of the website. Anyways, I would absolutely love some feedback on whether or not that would be something you guys would like to be a part of the website.

What is oldĀ 

The WordPress blog format. It is nice and easy to use and allows interaction between us. I also like the recent articles feature and I actually plan on using the ‘tags’ this time to make articles relating to specific topics easier to find. I also added the ‘draft history’ at the top, but I just have that linked directly to the Reds.com draft history page that has the last 7 drafts. I updated the RSS feed, so if you use one of those, update it. Last but not least, I am still here and plan on posting every day.

Later in the evening I will put up the article on the Starting and Relief pitching and the future of both for the system.

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