Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that the Reds may be in on trade talks for A’s starting pitcher Joe Blanton. Blanton has had some success in the American League, but he has done it while playing in the best pitchers park in baseball that isn’t known as PETCO. He is a pitcher who mainly relies on not walking batters and allowing his defense to turn balls in play into outs. Thats not a plan that generally works out so well while pitching in GABP considering how baseballs fly around our home park and how bad our defense actually is.

The general perception is that the Reds would have to give up at least one premium talent for him. Bruce is obviously off the table if he wasn’t offered for Bedard, he surely won’t be offered up for Blanton, so I ask one question:

Would you trade one of Homer Bailey, Johnny Cueto or Joey Votto for Joe Blanton?

Edit: Sorry about the poll creating ridiculous banners and pop ups…. I didn’t realize that was part of them last night when I put that up.
The vote was 70% for no, 19% for yes and 11% for unsure.

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