According to John Fay the Reds and A’s have talked about Joe Blanton. Apparently Billy Beane wants one of Bailey/Cueto as well as Joey Votto and a third prospect. Has he fallen off of his rocker or does he think the Reds are that dumb/desperate? He is looking to grab a better deal for Blanton that the ones that fetched Erik Bedard or Dan Haren.

I can’t believe that the Reds would all of a sudden offer this type of package for Joe Blanton of all people when the rumors were floating around for Haren or Bedard that weren’t this good.

Personally, I wouldn’t give up any of the big 4 guys for Joe Blanton (who I think would put up a 4.50 ERA in GABP by the way). If they would like to build a package around a guy like Matt Maloney and Josh Roenicke, I am all ears. I would be willing to trade talent for Blanton, but that talent isn’t going to be premiere talent that is close to or MLB ready. I really wouldn’t mind seeing Blanton in Cincinnati, but it sounds to me like the cost of acquiring him is about 3 times what I would be willing to pay for him.

If I had to give up even one of Bailey, Cueto or Votto for Blanton, I would just go ahead and lay my money on those guys over Blanton for the next 6 years versus Blanton for the next three. The Reds need pitching, but is Blanton going to be so much of an upgrade over Bailey or Cueto that its worth giving up a Bailey or Cueto, much less Votto and another prospect as well? Not even close.

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