is running a series right now that ranks the top group of players per age group. Jay Bruce, not surprisingly was named the top player in the age 21 group. Homer Bailey came in as the #9 player in the age 22 group. Johnny Cueto got an honorable mention in the age 22 group. Joey Votto was an honorable mention among the age 24 group as was Edwin Encarnacion for the age 25 group. released its top 25 prospect list the other day.  Its a pretty good list if I had to give an opinion. Jay Bruce heads the list. Homer Bailey came in at #8 overall on the list.  Both Johnny Cueto and Joey Votto were left off of the list, which I disagree with, but compared to some of the other lists we have seen recently this one is one of the best despite that.

There are rumors floating around that the Reds could be interested in signing Kenny Lofton to hit leadoff and play center. That wouldn’t be the worst thing ever in my opinion. While I would love to see Jay Bruce in center March 31st in Cincinnati, it wouldn’t hurt for him to come up in late May or early June to take over and likely prevent him from becoming a Super 2. While we would all love to spend with the Yankees and Sox, we aren’t likely ever going to (unless God willing, baseball gets a salary cap) and Bruce turning into a Super 2 could potentially backfire on the Reds.

I also just wanted to point out that I think Dusty Baker is going to get a lot more credit than he likely will deserve for once again ‘turning around’ a team he just took over. First, lets note that his first year in San Francisco he has some left fielder named Bonds entering his true prime (not that chemically enhanced one in his late 30’s). His first year in Chicago he got a pitching staff with 22 year olds of Mark Prior and Carlos Zambrano and he ‘turned them around’ too. Now he steps into a Cincinnati job when they have Francisco Cordero, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto all likely to step onto the job in his first year. When he again ‘turns them around’ he is going to get more credit than he likely should get for the third time in his career.

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