John Fay wrote an article taking a look at Johnny Cueto for the Enquirer today. Here are some of the things from the article:

“He’s definitely close,” Reds Hall of Famer Mario Soto said. “Look at what he did at Triple-A. It all depends on how fast the team wants to move with him. He could help the team now.”

Rick Sweet, the manager at Louisville, raves about Cueto.

“He impressed me, very much so,” Sweet said. “He has very good stuff, and he has command of it. He’s young, so he gets a little emotional. But overall, this guy has a chance to be a very good pitcher.”

Between the minors and winter ball, Cueto was 16-10 with a 3.07 ERA. The year before, he went 15-3 with a 3.00 ERA.

“He’s a very good competitor,” Sweet said. “He knows how to win.”

When asked what he needs to do to be successful Cueto said :

“Keep my pitches down in the strike zone,” he said. “I throw a lot of fastballs. Sometimes I elevate my pitches. I’ve got to keep the ball down.”

“He commands all three pitches,” Soto said. “Fastball, slider, change-up.”
Cueto is not overpowering on every pitch. But he can be.

“He has a tendency – he’ll be pitching along (then) all of the sudden a couple hits, maybe an error – he’s a got another notch that he can turn it up to,” Sweet said. “That’s something you don’t see.

“To me, that is what makes him so good is the discrepancy. When I say 88-92 (mph), he’ll pitch at that – not throw – and use all his pitches. Then he’ll turn it up at times. A lot of good pitchers in the big leagues can do that.”

John Fay also wrote an article on Josh Roenicke (pictured to the right) who is also in his first big league camp. It is not nearly as in depth as the article on Cueto, but touches on his hometown, his dad and uncle (who were both MLB players) and where he came from baseball wise since he went to UCLA to play football.

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