There are a plethora of Jay Bruce articles making their rounds through the papers.

John Erardi has a peice on Bruce entitled “Up in the Bit” in the Enquirer.

John Fay has one on what Baker thinks about Bruce.

Hal McCoy has one entitled “Bruce, eager to learn, leans on Griffey”.

The Josh Fogg deal is official now, 1 year and 1 million dollars. Like I said yesterday, if this was to take the spot of the Joe Blanton deal, then this is the best move of the time between the end of 2007 and the start of 2008 in my opinion. Is Josh Fogg good? Not really. Is he likely to be a decent #5 pitcher? Absolutely he is. Last year he pitched 165 innings and had an ERA of 4.95 and a 1.52 WHIP. Those aren’t good numbers. They also aren’t so horrible that he should be cut either. Lets also remember that he pitched in Coors (which was still 4 spots higher in run factor than GABP was) as well, his road numbers were MUCH better where he pitched 93.1 innings and allowed 97 hits, 12 home runs and had a 4.15 ERA. It likely means that Homer Bailey heads back to AAA to start the season unless he pitches lights out and Volquez struggles. That isn’t the worst thing in the world and could be one way to limit his innings a bit better by keeping him out of the hands of Dusty Baker.

Sarasota could be back in the Spring Training home talk, but since the Reds are still in a 75 day deal with Goodyear, Arizona they can’t talk to another city. The Reds would love to stay in Sarasota if they could, so don’t be surprised if they end up staying there now that the city seems to be stepping up to the plate.

Picture time:

Reds pitching coach Dick Pole and Javier Valentin talk with Johnny Cueto.

Joey Votto doing something we don’t see much of during the season

Jay Bruce and Joey Votto switching spots in batting practice.

All photos: Jeff Swinger/Cincinnati Enquirer

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