C. Trent Rosecrans had a nice piece on the hazing of Jay Bruce by Adam Dunn and company.

In the clubhouse, there was a stack of Reds Report magazines. The cover is Jay Bruce, and the headline is “The Next Big Thing”

Adam Dunn first taped one up in his locker and then set out the entire stack on the table for Bruce to sign each one.

Dunn decided each one needed to be personalized:

To (name)
The Next Big Thing
Jay Bruce

After Dunn got his signed, Bruce had to sign one for Griffey. Griffey wanted his personalized as “Ken Griffey Jr.”

After that was done, Dunn decided the next one should be

To Dusty Baker
The Next Big Thing (in case you didn’t know)
Jay Bruce

Dunn then ordered Bruce to hand deliver it. Last I saw, he was waiting near Dusty’s office door and asking if he really had to do it. Just awesome.

Then there is the not so good news that Baker had to say in regards to the leadoff spot. When asked who would bat leadoff if Hopper or Freel were not starting Baker said “I’d hope one or the other would be in the game, that’s my hope. I don’t know many teams that have three (leadoff hitters).”

That does not sound like Bruce has much of a shot currently to make the team.

Here are some photos from spring training

Joey Votto working on his defense

Baker and Votto getting to know eachother (Behrman)

Alexander Smit, Daryl Thompson and Brandon Phillips hanging around

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