The guys over at have up their most recent podcast and one of their writers sat down with Matt Klinker (attended Lakota West HS here in the Cincinnati area and was a 2007 draft pick out of Furman College) and talked about all kinds of stuff. Its nearly 40 minutes long, but well worth listening to, so go check it out.

Mixing the past and the present

C. Trent Rosecrans has a piece up right now on his blog about some of the past players stopping by and talking with todays young guns. Talks about Homer Bailey talking with Jim Maloney and Jay Bruce asking questions of George Foster. ran an article today reviewing the ‘Young Guns: NL Central’ and take a look at Bailey, Bruce, Votto and Cueto. Nothing too earth shattering there and they also think handing over these kids to Dusty Baker is ‘a train wreck waiting to happen’.

And how about a picture from spring training:

Joey Votto asking Dusty Baker if he will get any playing time with the Reds (Photo by Al Behrman/AP)

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