Their first game today was postponed but the roster is finally available.


  • Mike Bohana, RHP, 22
  • Andrew Bowman, LHP, 22
  • Rafael Ceballos, RHP, 19
  • Tyler Cline, RHP, 17
  • Bryan Gardner, LHP, 21
  • Michael Henry, RHP, 18
  • Evan Hildenbrandt, RHP, 19
  • Matteo Pizziconi, LHP, 18
  • Efrain Rodriguez, RHP, 18
  • Raul Rodriguez, RHP, 17
  • Hector Santana, RHP, 20
  • Shea Snowden, LHP, 19
  • David Torcise, LHP, 22
  • Pedro Villarral, RHP, 20
  • Jeremy Vinyard, RHP, 19
  • Justin Walker, LHP, 21


  • Petr Cech, 20
  • Humberto Sosa, 22
  • Todd Waller, 21


  • Mariekson Gregorius, 18
  • Yen-Wen Kuo, 19
  • Frank Pfister, 21
  • Mauricio Pimentel, 19
  • Cody Puckett, 21
  • Brodie Pullen, 19
  • Eli Rimes, 23


  • Sean Conner, 20
  • Efrain Contreras, 21
  • Donald Lutz, 19
  • Alexis Oliveras, 19
  • Samuel Vasquez, 21


Lots of interesting names here. There are a lot of international free agents. Ceballos, Henry, Pizziconi, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Santana, Cech, Sosa, Gregorius, Kuo, Pimentel, Contreras, Lutz and Vasquez. That doesn’t include Hildenbrandt and Oliveras who were drafted out of Canada and Puerto Rico.

The pitchers I will be keeping an extra close eye on are the Rodriguez kids (Efrain and Raul), Tyler Cline (4th round pick), Evan Hildenbrandt (6th rounder in 2007 out of Canada), and most of the unknown international guys.

As for the position players I have to say that Gregorius, Kuo and Lutz top that list. All were well noted international signings with 6 figure bonuses. Another guy to keep an eye on is Efrain Contreras posted an OPS over .900 last year in the DSL while showing an advanced plate approach with power. Petr Cech is also someone to watch. he didn’t get much playing time last year in the GCL but is another catcher with some potential.

Top to bottom this team has a lot of interesting guys with potential and several guys with some mystery. It should be fun following these guys this year.

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