Todd Frazier was one of the Reds first round draft picks in 2007. After a strong debut in Billings and Dayton in 2007 he really turned it up as he went through the FSL in 2008. He is now in Hawaii ripping the cover off of the ball in the Hawaiian Winter League. RML=Redsminorleagues and TF=Todd Frazier.

RML: Who was your favorite player growing up?
TF: I like watching Manny Ramirez.

RML: What do you enjoy doing in your off time?
TF: Working out and Hanging with family and friends.

RML: You finished up a very good year this year between Dayton and Sarasota. What was the most memorable moment from this year for you?
TF: I think in Dayton when I hit two homeruns and the last one was a walk off bomb to win the game.

RML: Have you been to Great American Ballpark yet and what did you think if you have?
TF: No, I have seen it from the outside though.

RML: Do you/did you feel any added pressure to produce right away being a first round draft pick out of college?
TF: No, I just did what I always did and that was have fun and play hard.

RML: What was it like going from Dayton where they have constant sell outs, to going to Sarasota where on the best days you have 1,000 fans in the crowd?
TF: Oh man, that was definitely a change, but that is what baseball is all about adjusting to different obstacles during the game.

RML: The Reds have had you play 1B, 3B, SS and LF since you have been drafted. Where do you see yourself eventually settling in at for the future?
TF: Man that is a good question right now your guess is as good as mine, but where ever it is I will be happy.

RML: You are going to be playing in the Hawaiian Winter League starting next week, is there anything specific that you are trying to work on there or is it just a situation where you are getting in as much time on the field as you can?
TF: I want to try and work on my fielding and hitting better with two strikes just to at least try to put the ball in play and make something happen

RML: Your game seems to be very well rounded both in the field and at the plate, what do you see as your biggest strength as well as your biggest weakness?
TF: I think my power is a big strength of mine and I love to be in that clutch situation to try to win a game, and my weakness is like I said before is putting the ball in play with two strikes.

RML: Did you have any goals set for this past season and if so, how did you do on accomplishing them?
TF: You know I usually set my team goals really high and then the individual goals will come for you naturally.

RML: You are likely going to start next year in AA. There have been a lot of players go from AA to the majors in the same year, is that a goal of yours heading into next season
TF: Definitely, I want to try my hardest to get up their as soon as possible to help the Reds.

I wanted to again thank Todd for taking his time and answering some questions.

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