C Trent Rosecrans new site/project CNAti.com launched today. Go there, bookmark it, add it to your RSS feed, follow it every day. It looks like its going to be real good for all Cincinnati sports.

John Fay has a few minor league related things on his blog today.

The Reds are trying to get top pick Mike Leake into the Arizona Fall League. The rosters were set before he was signed.

“We’ve got to get approval,” Jocketty said. “We wanted to see where he was as far as pitching after the layoff. Our people think he’s good to pitch out there.”

Jocketty expects that the Reds will get it.

The Reds will try to delay call-ups from Triple-A Louisville until after the Bats have finished in the playoffs.

“There’s not a lot to call-up,” he said. “But will try to keep that team in tact as much as possible.”

Louisville’s magic number is down to 3 right now. They have lost some of their team (Stubbs, Lehr, McDonald, Tatum, Miller and others), but they are still playing at a high level and could go deep into the playoffs.

I am going to slightly push back the videos I took from Dayton last week. I have other plans for them that will come out starting tomorrow based off of an idea used at ProjectProspect.com. I think it should be pretty fun.

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