Two guys got firsts this past week. Matt Maloney racked up his first major league win earlier this week. Good for him. I think I would go into 2010 spring training with him as the leader for the #5 rotation spot.

Juan Francisco also had a first last night, as he hit a fastball 423 feet for his first major league hit and HR. He will get the start today to give Rolen a day off. It will be interesting to see how a pitcher attacks him the 2nd and 3rd times that they see him.

Our good buddy Justin is now writing over at Red Reporter and takes a look at just how good the Reds defense has been this year. Justin looks at several different fielding stats and they all say the same, if the Reds aren’t the best fielding team in baseball, they are oneĀ  of the best 3. Now lets just hope that the Reds front office can make the next step fixing the offense, because they made the defense go from worst to first in about 1 season.

Do you remember when everyone was wanting to get rid of Homer Bailey? Whoops.

Over at there is an ongoing series of photo’s called “I’mma le you finish” where Kanye West tells someone that they are good, but this former Red is the best of all time. Its fantastic. Go check it out.

Something that sparked up in the comments was who could be in Louisville next year… and honestly, the Bats could be looking at a third straight playoff run. Their starting line up could look like this:

  1. Heisey – CF
  2. Cozart – SS
  3. Alonso – 1B
  4. Frazier – 3B/2B/LF
  5. Francisco – LF/3B
  6. Valaika – 2B
  7. Dorn – RF/LF/DH
  8. Tatum – C
  9. Pitchers (Wood, Klinker, Lecure, Jukich, Lehr/Smit/Smith)

The Bats could be awfully fun to watch in 2010.

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