Second Base is a position that the Reds have had a bunch of different guys at this year in the farm system. Take Louisville for example, who had 6 different guys play at least 12 games at second (and 3 others who played there less than that). Carolina had 5 different guys play 10+ games at second. That tells me that we are a bit weak there off the bat because no one has the spot locked down at the upper levels.

With that said, Todd Frazier looks to be the best prospect for the position (and one could argue in the entire system regardless of position). This is the first season that Todd saw time at second base and he got 37 games at the new spot on the diamond. Defensively he had a .960 fielding percentage, but he needs to continue to work there if its a position he will play in the future. At the plate though, Todd is very good. The Rutgers product hit .292/.351/.481 between Carolina and Louisville with 48 walks and 79 strikeouts.

Chris Valaika also spent a limited amount of time at second base for Louisville. Rick Sweet said earlier this season that Valaika wasn’t viewed as a shortstop moving forward, and was moved to second base before switching back after a few injuries and promotions. In limited action Valaika had 1 error, good for a .985 fielding percentage at second. At the plate it was a year to forget for Valaika, who had never hit beloew .284 in a full season until 2009 hit .235 for the Bats while missing more than a month with a broken bone after punching a water cooler. Valaika did rebound after returning from the injury as he hit .300 over August/September.

Cody Puckett hit for a lot of power for Dayton with 35 doubles, 1 triple and 19 home runs. However Puckett only had 1 good month on the season. During May the second sacker hit .350/.421/.624, but he never had another month with an OBP over .310 or a month with a SLG of .440 or higher.

Jefry Sierra had a strong season in the Gulf Coast League while playing second base for the Reds. The 19 year old hit .336/.367/.402 in a league where the average 19 year old hit just .253/.333/.346, however his peripherals were a little worse across the board for a 19 year old. His season was boosted by a BABIP over .430 in just over 100 plate appearances. So while its unlikely that he can repeat his season, I have to mention a guy who hit .336.

Henry Rodriguez was another high average guy at second base for the GCL Reds where the 19 year old hit .322/..354/.421. Unlike Sierra, Rodriguez wasn’t completely reliant on an absolutely unsustainable BABIP. In 161 plate appearances Rodriguez had a 4.3% walk rate and 11.2% strikeout rate. Since he played in the GCL I honestly have no idea what his defense is like.

There were several other players who saw time at second base in the system worth mentioning. Jose Castro hit a weak .270 (.297 OBP/.330 SLG), but as a high contact hitter he could profile as a backup infielder. Alex Buchholz came into the season high on the list of guys to watch for, but he struggled with injuries this year and only hit .237/.297/.320 in the FSL after ripping through the Pioneer League last season. Yen-Wen Kuo hit .265 for Billings, but much like Castro it was a rather weak average with little power and low OBP.

Overall I think I have to rate this group as a C+ based soley on the fact that Todd Frazier may be an answer there. It would move up a grade if Frazier were a little better defensively right now and it were more certain that he were going to actually play there in the future. As it is right now, thats a huge uncertainty. After Frazier there is some promise in Valaika and Buchholz being able to rebound in 2010, but the rest of the guys seem pretty far away at this point.

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