Mike Leake was named minor leagues 15th best pitching prospect in baseball by Project Prospect. Here is the blurb that they posted on Leake:

Awesome command of 90-93 FB that has a lot of movement; impressive CH; big GB guy

I just started a new gig writing over at FanHuddle.com. I am the guy who covers the minor leagues over there and my specific page can be found at http://fanhuddle.com/minorleagues/ if you ever want to read my stuff. Right now I am doing some statistical analysis for each league to see how different age groups hit and pitch in each league. So far I have only done the GCL, but starting on Monday I will begin working through the other leagues.

After the State of the Farm topics are done (resuming Monday), I will unveil my depth chart for the postseason before jumping into my Top 40 prospects list.

Dick Pole was let go as the Reds pitching coach. Rumors are swirling that two guys who will be talked to or looked at are Ted Power, who was the AAA Bats coach and Mario Soto, who has been a roaving instructor for years and also was a Special Assistant to the GM.

Jay Bruce won’t be playing winter ball with Louisville Bats manager Rick Sweet.

If you follow me on Twitter you got my note about the Reds being shut out in Baseball America’s Top 20 prospect of the Midwest League. The Florida State League list will be out Wednesday. Expect at least one Red on that list.

George Grande will not be returning next season. He has been doing Reds games since 1993 on television. Good luck George.

In a non Reds related note…. How about the Twins/Tigers? It is Sunday during the NFL season, but I am going to be glad I have multiple tv’s in this room tomorrow so I can watch both football and baseball tomorrow.

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