First rounders Mike Leake and Brad Boxberger made their official pro debut’s yesterday in the AFL. Reds relief prospect Logan Ondrusek also threw some in the game. Since they all threw fastballs, I looked at a comparison of the three.


Both Boxberger and Leake get good run on their fastball, with Leake getting a bit more. Ondrusek has more of a straight fastball. Lets look at it from the first base view.


Ondrusek coming at 6’7″ pitches on a huge downhill plane. He has struggled so far in the AFL, but an observer reported that he was missing his spots high, which could explain some of the issues.  As you can see though, if he is hitting the bottom of the zone, he is going to be very tough to get loft on the ball against. Leake seems to have a good amount of sink on his fastball. Boxberger looks more like average in terms of sink.

Logan Ondrusek threw all but 2 fastballs, but Leake and Boxberger have enough data on their other pitches to look at each guy on their own.

Brad Boxberger


Boxberger was throwing 4 pitches yesterday. His curveball was the most successful as he had 4 swings and misses on the pitch on 8 thrown.

Here is what Mike Leake was looking like on the pitches.



Mike Leake had 2 swinging strikes on his change up with 10 change ups thrown. Leake only threw 3 sliders, but they seemed to be outside of the zone as you can see from above.

Next week sometime, I will begin to look at Heisey, Alonso and Cozart when they have a little more data to work with.

All charts are made thanks to Harry Pavlidis for making the math available in a spreadsheet for us to use. Harry does great work at and among other places.

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