Today Mike Leake made his second start in the AFL. Leake threw 3+ innings, allowed 4 hits, 1 HBP, 1 earned, 1 walk and 1 strikeout. He topped out at 92 MPH. He seemed to get more velocity on his fastball as he threw more of them, something that was also noticed from his first game. I went ahead and charted his fastballs in order by start and you can see a clear trend that they get faster as he throws more of them. Check out the chart below.

Tonight I will try to finish up my new Depth Chart. It will go up sometime on Friday. I will post it as a new article, but will also update the ‘Depth Chart’ page. That is the final step before starting my Top 40 Prospects list.

Chris Heisey is currently 3-3 with a single, double and triple. The game is in the 5th inning. Cycle? We shall see.

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