The Rule 5 draft is a ways away at this point still, but the decisions on who to protect will be coming up very soon when teams have to start making decisions on the 40 man roster.

I put together a list of players who will need to be protected. It is not a full list, but I believe everyone who has even the slightest chance of being selected is represented on this list. I have broken it down by where the player was acquired.

2004 Draft 2005 Draft 2006 Draft International/Earlier Drafts
Philippe Valiqutte James Avery Ben Jukich Alexander Smit
Sean Henry Chris Denove Chris Heisey Enerio Del Rosario
Logan Ondrusek Chris Valaika Leonardo Astorga
Travis Wood Dallas Buck Luis Montano
Danny Dorn Wes Bankston
Derrik Lutz Ruben Medina
Jordan Smith
Kris Negron
Lee Tabor
Logan Parker
Sean Watson
Travis Webb

A lot of guys from that 2006 draft need to be protected, showing the depth that draft had for the Reds. I put the players who I believe have the strongest chances of being taken in bold. That is 11 guys. I am assuming that the Reds will remove these players from the roster: Lehr, Wells, Miller, Barker, McDonald and Nix. That would leave 6 open spots on the roster. These players are also questionable in terms of being left on the roster:  Ramon Ramirez, Daryl Thompson, Adam Rosales, Drew Sutton and Willy Taveras.  I think at least one of those guys will be off the roster. I hope Taveras joins that person, but am not as confident.

At the very least the Reds absolutely must protect these players: Chris Heisey, Travis Wood, Philippe Valiquette and Logan Ondrusek. That right there is 5 guys. That list doesn’t include Chris Valaika, Danny Dorn or Enerio Del Rosario, much less guys with good arms but questions on their resumes in Jordan Smith, Dallas Buck and Sean Watson.

So who would you protect? Who would you drop from the 40 man roster to protect those guys? Remember that if you want to sign a free agent, you probably need to leave a spot open on the roster for them.

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