First, its official now. The 2010 Reds High A team will be the Lynchburg Hillcats. Old news, but technically official now.

Ben Badler at Baseball America tweeted this about Chris Heisey earlier today:

Reds OF Chris Heisey with a stolen base. Speed is solid, but he’s one of the smartest baserunners I’ve seen in the minors

If you want to participate in a Reader Top 10 Prospect list, email me Your Top 10 prospects. I will use a weighted scale to assign points for each ranking. I will total up all of the points next Wednesday so get your lists in now.

There is a report out there that the Reds are looking to shed some payroll. That shouldn’t surprise anyone as that has been rumored for a few months now. Some names that could be moved include Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, Brandon Phillips and Francisco Cordero. All of whom are good players but have big dollars remaining on their contracts. Joey Votto’s name was floated out there, but Jocketty says to that “Oh God, no”. Should be an interesting December at the Winter Meetings…. Personally though I would trade Phillips before either one of the starting pitchers. He is easier to find an adequate replacement for. Likely won’t be an upgrade, but the downgrade to a 2 win instead of his 3 wins is easier to find on the cheap than the downgrade from Arroyo/Harang to Maloney or Lehr.

I wanted to do a ‘season review’ article today, but my desktop is being about as fun as eating nails and I absolutely hate typing long articles and creating graphics on my laptop, so that is getting pushed back.

Email me your Top 10’s.

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