Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and didn’t have a turkey cutting mishap.

ProjectProspect.com sat down with Mike Leake while they were out in the Arizona Fall League. If you were following me on Twitter, you already knew about the interview. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you should. You can read the interview or download the audio file and listen to it. Whatever works for you. Here is my favorite part from the interview:

AF: So you played with some pretty good hitters at ASU: Brett Wallace, Ike Davis — I’ve gotten to see Ike Davis out (at the AFL). Suppose there’s a situation where in the playoffs you’re facing Davis, bottom of the ninth, two strikes, you’re going for the complete game, what do you throw him?

ML: Don’t know. But I know he has no chance.

Have to love that.

Lisa Winston over at MLB.com has an article up about the Reds farm system producing in 2009 and how it should continue to produce in 2010. The most interestin peice of the article to me was this on Todd Frazier and Chris Valaika.

The logjam at shortstop in the Minors, which at one point included Janish, Cozart, Valaika and Frazier, has been eased somewhat by the shift of the latter two into more utility-type players. At this point, Reynolds said, he sees Frazier opening the season as Louisville’s left fielder and Valaika as their second baseman, with Cozart at shortstop.

Sounds like the Frazier and Francisco experiments are done for now unless there is going to be a lot of other movement around the diamond during the season to get Frazier at 2B/3B, Francisco at 3B and LF with Valaika spending time at 2B and 3B to kind of get everyone some experience.

I think that is all we have today given the holiday and everything has really slowed down. Tomorrow I will give some winter league updates.

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