In continuing with stuff this week from the AFL, I broke down how often the Reds four pitchers pitch selection while in the AFL for games we have data on.

Pitch Selection

The biggest thing that jumps out is just how often Logan Ondrusek throws his fastball. Now before it gets jumped on, I do want to note that about half of those fastballs are cut fastballs, while the other half are normal fastballs. The cut fastball is the most effective pitch in baseball, so perhaps a guy who can throw one well should be throwing it as often as Ondrusek does. The other three guys seems to mix up their pitch selection well, at least as far as percentage thrown goes.

Baseball America had Yonder Alonso ranked as the Arizona Fall League’s 8th best prospect (subscriber only link). They say it was a little tough to get a read on everything because of the injury with the wrist that has sapped his power currently.

Marc Hulet is back at it again today with another Reds article at Fangraphs, this time he gives his Reds Top 10 Prospects. Cozart came in at #5 on his list, higher than I have seen him anywhere else. With that said I don’t have an issue at all with him being that high.

A guy I wanted in last years draft is suing his school after they told him he had a mandatory meeting with the NCAA but he couldn’t tell his parents or his lawyer.

Super Prospect Bryce Harper passed his GED and is now eligible to play this spring for the College of Southern Nevada, which would make him eligible for the 2010 draft if he chooses to sign (as a JUCO player he can be drafted after the completion of any season, but can also return to school as well). Harper will be 17 years old next season and if he remained in high school would be finishing his junior season in June. The odds that he falls to the Reds are probably less than 1%…. but I can hold out hope can’t I?

John Manuel of Baseball America ranks the Reds farm system somewhere in the 16-23 range (teams are listed in alphabetical order in that grouping). The comment for the Reds is as follows:

Hard to fathom Rolen deal, which cost power arms, and handling of top prospect IF/OF Todd Frazier‘s position.

Hat tip to RedReporter who tweeted this as I was typing this up.

Ben Badler of Baseball America tweeted this earlier today:

Owners want international draft. Michael Weiner says the union wouldn’t oppose an int’l draft. Seems clear where we’re heading

That would certainly change the dynamics of things a whole lot. There would have to be a rehaul of how things are run just about everywhere in the world.

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