I usually would wait until tomorrow to make another post, but with Baseball Prospectus releasing their Reds Top 11+ Prospects this afternoon I thought I would go ahead and just make another post. If you didn’t see the Yonder Alonso Season in Review, go check it out.

Baseball Prospectus has an interesting spin on the Reds Top prospects. Here is how Kevin Goldstein broke it down:

  1. Aroldis Chapman
  2. Mike Leake
  3. Todd Frazier
  4. Yonder Alonso
  5. Travis Wood
  6. Chris Heisey
  7. Brad Boxberger
  8. Juan Francisco
  9. Yorman Rodriguez
  10. Billy Hamilton
  11. Miguel Rojas

Goldstein says the next guys are Maloney, Cozart, Gregorius and Duran. The biggest confusion for me is Rojas ahead of Cozart. Goldstein notes that Cozart has plus range at shortstop and some pop in his bat, but his pure hit tool is lacking. Well that sounds just like what Rojas has, minus the pop. Rojas does have slightly better defense, but his bat isn’t close to being in the same realm right now. Goldstein has never been a big fan of Alonso, so its not unexpected to see him down at #4 and as a 3 star prospect. What do you guys think?

AOL Fanhouse has published its Top 100 prospects list. The list was done by Frankie Piliere, formerly of SaberScouting.com. The Reds had four players make the list. Aroldis Chapman rolled in at #36, while Todd Frazier, Mike Leake and Yonder Alonso were all between #56 and 61. A little low on Alonso for my liking, but the rest seem pretty accurate.

Our buddy Corey Brinn recently gave his website a facelift and it looks great. Corey is the clubhouse manager for the Dayton Dragons and has all kinds of cool stuff on his website. If you aren’t following his RSS feed, you should be.

That is all for now.

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