Lots and lots of Top Prospect list news today.

MLB.com has up its Top 50 prospects list. The Reds had two guys on the list, Yonder Alonso at #30 and Juan Francisco at #48. You can see video of Yonder Alonso on his page along with some scouting info here. You can see Juan Francisco’s page here with the same information. Chapman wasn’t eligible when the list was finished a few weeks ago. Mayo says he would have expected him around 15. Personally, this list is pretty iffy because of how its done. Mayo asks for scouts top 30 prospects, then compiles points for the prospects. That would me one person thinking a prospect was #10 and no one else having him in the top 100 is worth more than 15 people having the exact same #31 prospect. Best part about this list though is all of the video. Mike Leake would have been #53 on this list if it went any higher.

Keith Law busts out his rankings today. Law released his Top 100 prospects (ESPN Insider) and had these Reds inside the list:

16. Aroldis Chapman, LHP, CIN
66. Todd Frazier, 2B, CIN
72. Mike Leake, RHP, CIN
76. Yonder Alonso, 1B, CIN
88. Chris Heisey, OF, CIN

That is a pretty good showing, despite the lower than I think ranking of Alonso. The Reds had 5 guys in the Top 100 a few years ago too, showing just how good our scouts and development team have been doing to keep pumping talent through the system. One of our old buddies came in at #55.

Law also released his Reds Top 10 prospects (also ESPN Insider). The usual names are 1-8. The ninth guy is someone we all know, but who had a disappointing 2009 season in Neftali Soto. The #10 prospect on the list seems like a bit of a reach, especially at this point. Law is known to take his gambles on ranking prospects and he did it here when he says the Reds 10th best prospect is Junior Arias. Arias seems like he has some pretty good tools and he got $330,000 to sign with the team. But I just have a hard time placing him that high without playing in the US yet or without a 7 figure bonus to go along with him. With that said, Law may know more about him than I do. Watching a guy can certainly make an impact on how you view a guy and maybe Law got a chance to see him.

Law also ranked the Reds as the 10th best farm system in baseball.

Enough with the prospect lists for today though. John Fay talked with Todd Frazier before the kick off of the Winter Caravan. Todd sounds like he is excited to get the chance to play some at shortstop again, but he also notes that he doesn’t mind showing up with all the different gloves and just playing somewhere.

Baseball Prospectus talks with Terry Reynolds about the farm system. Its a pretty strong read about the farm and Reynolds talks about a lot of our top guys. Go give it a read.

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