Being the baseball nerd that I am, I subscribe to about 50 baseball websites. Yesterday I came across an article at Fangraphs by Dave Cameron that looked into a few players power to different fields. For minor leaguers the data is a lot harder to come by so I had to do the legwork myself. I will be looking at a few guys each day as it takes about 30-40 minutes per player to get the data. Today I wanted to look at the Isolated Power (AVG subtracted from SLG) for three guys from the minors last season (Stubbs also had his MLB time included).

Player LF CF RF
Heisey .824 .143 .109
Stubbs .430 .246 .209
Frazier .667 .242 .215

As noted in Heisey’s Season Review, he has a LOT of power to his pull side. What I didn’t expect to see was that his isolated power to center and right field was actually quite poor. Todd Frazier and Drew Stubbs are very similar in terms of power the opposite way and up the middle, but it seems Stubbs still doesn’t get as much power when he turns on the ball. Frazier fell in the middle for the other two guys we looked at.

Speaking of Chris Heisey, has up video with him on their site right now. Go watch and listen as soon as you are done reading this article.

Tom Nichols of the Dayton Dragons website, radio booth and so much more has up his first article of a series that looks at the possible candidates of position players who may wind up in Dayton this season. The first position is catcher, which has a few players in the running.

The Red Reporter community has finished their Top 25 Prospect list. Here is what their Top 10 looks like:

1. Aroldis Chapman
2. Todd Frazier
3. Yonder Alonso
4. Mike Leake
5. Chris Heisey
6. Juan Francisco
7. Travis Wood
8. Yorman Rodriguez
9. Zack Cozart
10. Matt Maloney

Go visit the link above to see the rest of the list.

John Sickels was on with Jeff Erickson of Rotowire’s Podcast and they got into Aroldis Chapman a little bit in just how wide the number of outcomes could be for him. At the end of the show there is some stuff on a former Red as well.

Hal McCoy seems to have landed back on his feet. He will be working with Fox Sports Ohio who will be starting a website, or bolstering one they already have.

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