We are a week into the season now, so every Thursday I am going to do a organizational leaders post. Today, that one gets tossed in here.

Organizational Leaders – Min 20 PA/5ip

Average – Andrew Means (.355), Didi Gregorius (.353), Carlos Mendez (.333).

OBP – Danny Dorn (.393), Didi Gregorius (.389), Andrew Means (.364).

SLG – Danny Dorn (.720), Henry Rodriguez (.606), Didi Gregorius (.529).

Runs – Henry Rodriguez (6), 4 tied with 5 (Dorn, Gregorius, Negron and Wiley).

Doubles – Henry Rodriguez (4), Denis Phipps (4), 3 tied with 3 (Means, Gualdron and Cozart.

Triples – Didi Gregorius (2) and Wilkin Castillo (2).

Home Runs – Danny Dorn (3), Henry Rodriguez (2) and Kevin Coddington (2).

Steals – Dave Sappelt (3), Eric Eymann (2), Logan Parkeer (2).

Walk Rate – Chris Burke (19%), Chris Heisey (16.1%), Yonder Alonso (15.4%).

Strikeout Rate – Henry Rodriguez (0%), Alex Buchholz (8.7%), Carlos Mendez (9.1%).

ERA – Matt Fairel (0.00), Donnie Joseph (0.00), Chad Reineke (0.00).

WHIP – Nick Christiani (0.35), Donnie Joseph (0.38), Dallas Buck (0.50).

Saves – Mace Thurman (3), Donnie Joseph (2), Jon Adkins (2), Jordan Smith (2).

Walk Rate – Doug Salinas (0%), Chad Reineke (0%), Nick Christiani (0%), Dallas Buck (0%), Lance Janke (0%), Matt Maloney (0%), Curtis Parth (0%).

Strikeout Rate – Donnie Joseph (41.2%), Brad Boxberger (38.9%), Matt Maloney (34.8%).

K/BB – Justin Walker (8.00), Donnie Josep (7.00), Alexander Smit (5.00)

Videos and pictures from Lynchburg

Reader Rusty sent in some pictures and uploaded some video on youtube of yesterday afternoon’s game in Lynchburg for everyone.

Video of Neftali Soto catching

Video of Josh Fellhauer hitting

Here arer some of the photo’s that he took while at the game:

Neftali Soto catching

Neftali Soto at the plate

Matt Fairel in the midst of his nearly perfect outing

Josh Fellhauer warming up

Just wanted to thank Rusty again for the pictures and video!

Speaking of video, Corey Brinn has been posting some videos over at his website, CoreyBrinn.com from Dayton’s road trip. He has some pictures too. Go check it out.

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