Alexander Smit has decided to hang ’em up and retire. The lefty will be heading back to the Netherlands. Best of luck with whatever it is you will be doing as you go forward Mr. Smit.

Andrew Means was hit on the hand in last nights game and broke a finger. He will be heading to the DL.

As Randy posted in the game thread comments, Daryl Thompson will begin throwing again soon.

Draft notes

I added a ‘Draft Tracker’ to the pages listed at the top of the site. Kind of a quick reference to the picks, who signed and for guys who I had reports on, links to their scouting reports.

The Pensacola News Journal has up an article on 5th rounder Wes Mugarian. Here are some interesting pieces from the article:

Mugarian also said that they didn’t come to any agreement on a cash bonus — the biggest point of contention for drafted players — but told the Reds “to draft me where they see fit and we can talk about money and stuff after the draft.”

“I’m going to try to get in shape and stay on a five-day throwing schedule like I would be in pro ball,” Mugarian said. “If I do sign, I’m going to sign when I think I’m 100 percent in shape so I can move up in the (minor league) system quickly.”

The Fort Meyers News Press has an article up on Kyle Waldrop, the Reds 12th round pick. Here are some of the better pieces from the article:

With a baseball scholarship to South Florida in hand, he and his father Greg made it clear to interested teams that it would take a significant signing bonus for Waldrop to choose professional baseball over the Bulls.Both seem confident the Reds will meet the undisclosed asking price.

“All I can say right now is we’re really confident he’ll be in a Reds uniform sometime soon,” said Greg Waldrop, who is handling his son’s contract negotiations and expects to begin talking with Cincinnati in earnest later this week.

“There’s some details and things that need to take place, but there’s a ton of confidence on both sides.”

Very good to hear, as this is a talent that slid down the draft boards because of potential signability issues.

This worries me about Yasmani Grandal, from the Miami Herald:

“I think Yasmani is in a great situation with the Reds. Cincinnati was very aggressive watching him even since his high school years. I think we’re going to do a lot better than what Kansas City was going to pay anyway.”

The Royals were reportedly offering $2.9M to Grandal in the ‘rumors’. Slot money for the 12th pick isn’t close to that, its closer to $1.6M.

It looks like the Reds 2nd rounder Ryan LaMarre is expected to sign very fast, perhaps by this weekend according to

Ryan LaMarre is expected to sign his first professional baseball contract as early as Friday and he could be in a minor-league uniform by the weekend.

“I got a phone call Wednesday night, about midnight, from a scout who said that Dayton needed a center fielder as soon as possible,” LaMarre said. “I was supposed to go to Cincinnati on Saturday, but now I’m going to Dayton on Friday.”

Drew Cisco, the Reds 6th rounder is expected to sign, from

Cisco is the grandson of former Major League pitcher and pitching coach Galen Cisco, as well as the brother of current Phillies Double-A prospect Mike Cisco. The Wando High School (S.C.) prospect committed to the University of Georgia, but he expects to sign with the Reds.

Another good thing to hear.

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