Brad Boxberger Aroldis Chapman Sam LeCure Donnie Joseph
Jonathan Correa Ismael Guillon Daryl Thompson Jeremy Horst
Kyle Lotzkar Matt Fairel Scott Carroll Philippe Valiquette
Daniel Corcino Tanner Robles Nick Christiani Blaine Howell
Josh Ravin Mitchell Clarke Brian Pearl Ezequiel Infante

The Reds have a bunch of intriguing arms in the system still, despite graduating a bunch of players over the last year. I don’t think there will be any surprises with this list outside out maybe one or two guys. Finding the fifth left handed starter was tough though, as I really don’t know if Clarke is going to remain as a starting pitcher or not (I haven’t seen him pitch yet). There just aren’t many left handed starters in the system. Fortunately, we have the highest rated left handed starting prospect in all of baseball so it helps even it out some (and having that Travis Wood fella doesn’t hurt either).

Like Friday’s positional depth chart (which you should go read if you haven’t seen it yet), if I missed someone, call me out on it. It happens sometimes.

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