Guys (and gals), I am working on re-designing the site. It is going to look similar, but a little bit different as well. Along with that, I am adding new pages to the site.

Currently, these are the pages I have on the site:

  • Watch Games Online – Really only usable during the season.
  • Video – A link directly to the RML Youtube page
  • Interviews – I am actually going to try and line up a few of these before the season starts as guys look forward to 2013.
  • Store
  • Contact – How to get in touch with me

Here are the pages that I plan on adding with the new design launch:

  • Rule 5 Eligibility list – Will show when players will be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft
  • Affiliates – Will have information on each affiliate (Address, Phone, Manager/Coaches, Official Website, PDC length)
  • Prospect Lists – Past prospect lists
  • Draft – Past draft information and once the newest draft happens, a draft tracker like the one provided for last year.
  • About the staff – There may be more than one person working on the site at some point during 2013. If so, this page will be added. If I don’t add anyone, this page won’t happen.

What I am looking for from you guys, is this: Are there any pages that you would like to see, that aren’t listed above?

About The Author

Doug Gray is the owner and operator of this website and has been running it since 2006 in one variation or another. You can follow him on twitter @dougdirt24, or follow the site on Facebook. and Youtube.

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