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Tonight on MLB Network at 9pm Jonathan Mayo will unveil the MLB.com Top 50 prospects in Baseball. We know Billy Hamilton will be there. Will Robert Stephenson show up? Any other Reds?

John Sickels at MinorLeagueBall.com posted his farm system rankings yesterday afternoon. He ranked the Reds 15th overall and had this to say about them:

Strengths: pitching at the top with Robert Stephenson, Dan Corcino, Tony Cingrani and additional arms to back them up. Weaknesses: offense, once you get past Billy Hamilton and Jesse Winker though there are some bats at the lower levels that could develop. As with Arizona, this is a solid system in a transition phase and ranking here is no insult.

Last season the Reds were ranked 21st, so they moved up despite losing these guys to eligibility issues: Didi Gregorius, Todd Frazier, Zack Cozart and Devin Mesoraco. Earlier this month I posted rankings using the individual player rankings done by Sickels and that list had the Reds at 17, pretty close to where they were here. The Cardinals are atop the rankings posted today and they probably should be. They are loaded, but they need to be with the aging team that they have.

Spencer Schneier over at Beyond The Box Score pondered whether the F/X systems (Pitch, Hit and Field) could lead to new market inefficiencies. He went into a few things and if you read the comments you can see that apparently I was the only person around who also thought it was interesting enough to add to the conversation. Still, it leads me to ask this question as it relates to the minor leagues/development/drafting/scouting side of things: What is something that you think a team could do, legally, that would help give them an advantage on that front over other teams?

While we discussed it on Sunday, I know that traffic is down on the weekends during the offseason, so I want to bring it back up for discussion in case you missed it. I have been working behind the scenes on re-designing the website. While the layout will remain similar with a few changes, what I am focusing the most on is adding new “pages” to the site.

Here are the pages that are currently on the site:

  • Watch Games Online – A list of available games to watch online (during the season)
  • Video – A link to the RML Youtube page
  • Interviews – A list of the interviews done on the site – New ones in the works
  • Store
  • Contact

Here are the pages that are in the works:

  • Rule 5 Draft Eligibility list – Will list all of the players in the system and when they will be eligible for the Rule 5 draft.
  • Affiliates – Listing the mailing/stadium address, phone number, managers/coaches, roster, schedule, official website links and player development contract status.
  • Prospect Lists – Easy access to past prospect lists
  • Draft – Past drafts as well as the current draft tracker similar to the one from last season.
  • About the staff – This will only be there if I take on another author, which may or may not happen. It is being considered though.
  • Transactions
  • Chats – An archive for past Chat and All Questions Answered topics.

So, if you have any suggestions outside of those or in addition to those, let me know in the comments section and we can talk about it all.

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