Jonathan Mayo released his Top 20 Reds Prospects list yesterday afternoon. It is, interesting? There are three players in the top 10 who didn’t make my own Top 20 and two of whom didn’t even make my own top 25. Tony Cingrani is the second ranked prospect. I could listen to why one could rank him that highly. I don’t agree with it, but I could see where someone could say it and make a decent argument for it. But here is where it gets confusing. Cingrani is rated as a 50/50 guy. Meaning that he is a 50 player now and a 50 player in the future. The three pitchers ranked directly behind him are all rated as 50/60 players, meaning 50 now and 60 in the future.  While I would certainly argue that a guy like Travieso is no way a 50 now, that is what his scouting report on says. So, how is it that Cingrani is ranked ahead of those guys given the grades they are all given? Jesse Winker finds himself on the outside of the Top 10. In his scouting report it wonders about just how much power he will eventually have, but notes that what he has now is to the pull side. The stats actually show that he has a lot more opposite field power right now, or at least uses it in games a lot more. All in all, the list just leaves me scratching my head. Go read the scouting reports, because the information in there seems solid enough for the most part. Mayo also named Jonathan Reynoso as the Reds 21st best prospect over on his blog.

Spencer Fordin has an article up on that gives an overview of the Top 20 list and gives some predictions for 2013. He picks Tony Cingrani as the front runner for Pitcher of the Year and Billy Hamilton as the front runner for Hitter of the Year. Solid picks all around, though I would be inclined to go with two other guys (Stephenson/Winker).

Here are some videos of the guys in the Top 10 (that I have video of from 2012)

Billy Hamilton

Tony Cingrani

Robert Stephenson

Daniel Corcino

Kyle Lotzkar

Ryan Wright

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