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The Reds have converted Stephen Hunt to a pitcher. Hunt hit .262/.335/.385 since being drafted in the 15th round of 2010. He has made four appearances as a pitcher to this point in his career throwing 4 innings with 4 strikeouts, 6 walks and an ERA of 11.25.

Billy Hamilton is among several position players in camp early, but so far, the only prospect in camp who isn’t supposed to be there yet (in big league camp that is).

The Reds announced a signing of an 18-year-old Australian pitcher named Dakota Mitchell. He is a 6′ 1″ right handed pitcher who weighs 185 lbs.

Left hander Ismael Guillon is not yet in camp. He had some problems with his VISA in Venezuela.

Other News

The Cincinnati Enquirer has up a photo gallery from Arizona. How great is it to see baseball again?

Fangraphs writer Steve Staudenmayer has up an interesting article right now that looks at how we adjust linear weight values based on different environments that players find themselves in. In the article he looks at the different values of outcomes based on home parks (home runs are more valuable in some places than others) or in certain line ups (where a walk is more valuable in some line ups than others). But it got me to thinking about just how valuable a guy like Billy Hamilton could be, where the normal values we apply to plays don’t really work for a player like him. Linear weights give a play credit for X value based on what that type of play has been worth, in runs, throughout a given time period (depending where you look, it may be 3 seasons, 5 seasons, 10 seasons or 25 seasons). His baserunning, and not just his steals, will be incredibly interesting to follow when it comes to this kind of stuff.

I wrote the Cincinnati Reds season preview as well as their prospect outlook for Big Leagues Magazine’s 2013 Season Preview. The magazine is online based and does cost money, but if it is something that you might be interested in, check it out.

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