Saturday night around 8pm the three days of drafting, covering 40 rounds and 41 picks by the Cincinnati Reds ended. I have added a page dedicated to tracking the signings/draft spending cap for the 2013 draft. You can check that out here. For scouting reports/stats/video on all of the draft picks, you can check that out here.

Draft Breakdown

High school seniors, all junior college players and 4-year college players who are juniors (and a few sophomores) or seniors all draft eligible. Here is the breakdown of where the players were drafted from, as well as the positions of the drafted players. Please note that there were 15 college players drafted, which is correct in the graph, but the number below the chart says 8. I forgot to correct it, there were 8 seniors and 7 juniors.


The Reds went with 22 pitchers and 19 position players, which seems to follow how they have done things in years past with a near 50/50 split between the two groups.

Where did they come from?

While I didn’t track down where each player was born, I did track down where each player went to school at when they were drafted (with the exception of Chad Jones who hasn’t been in school for several years, where I just used his home town).


Southern California and British Columbia represent all of the area to the west of Lubbock, Texas that the Reds drafted players from. There were fourteen picks from “northern” states/provinces. The Fort Lauderdale area of Florida had 3 picks, but they were just far enough apart from each other that I could fit three dots in there.

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