The Reds will officially be calling up Greg Reynolds to start today in San Francisco. He has been with the team for a few days now, but the roster move hasn’t been made yet. He has spent the entire year in Louisville and has posted the following stats:

10 2 127.1 117 6 23 79 2.54 1.10 3.4

His ERA is fantastic, his WHIP is low and his strikeout-to-walk ratio is also rather strong. His strikeout rate isn’t much to write home about, sitting at 15.5% at the AAA level. That puts him right in line with what Mike Leake has done this season (15.3% for Leake). His walk rate is very low at just 4.5% which is right in line with Bronson Arroyo (4.6%). Throwing strikes is a big part of the game for Reynolds. Much like Leake and Arroyo he will rely on his defense often, though he has had four starts with 8 strikeouts with the Bats.

Scouting Report

Fastball – Reynolds throws a sinking fastball in the 88-90 MPH range and will hit 91 at times. He will also mix in a bit of a cutter at times as well.

Curveball – The main secondary pitch for Reynolds comes in at the 77-82 MPH range and can be a good pitch with 12-6 breaking action that he can throw for strikes.

Change Up – His clear third pitch that he throws in the low-to-mid 80’s. There isn’t enough separation at times to truly fool hitters with the velocity change.

What to expect

With Reynolds pitching in a huge ballpark while also being a groundball pitcher, I think he could have success as long as he can do what he has done in Louisville and pound the strikezone. The stuff isn’t overwhelming and I am not sure that he has it in the long run to be a Major League starter but as a #7 starter he is good insurance as a guy who can throw strikes and likely keep you in the game.

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