The last Sunday of each month I go back and look at the most popular articles of the month. Well, that day is today for November.

1. Should the Reds start Jesse Winker in 2015?

Pondering whether or not the Cincinnati Reds should just go ahead and stick Jesse Winker in left field to start the 2015 season and looking at other options for the team.

2. Cincinnati Reds sign five minor league free agents

The first action of the offseason for the Reds was to sign minor league free agents and they picked up five of them over a span of two days to add some depth to the system.

3. Free Agent options for the Cincinnati Reds

Looking at possible free agent options to help the Reds for the 2015 season, as well as a free agent that could be an option into the future but may not be ready for 2015.

4. Jocketty: Jesse Winker is quite a ways away

A few days after we talked about whether Jesse Winker should be given a shot to start in the big leagues after hitting the cover off of the ball in the Arizona Fall League the Reds GM comes out and says that he is a ways away and pretty much takes that option off of the table.

5. Reds must decide who to protect for the Rule 5 draft by tomorrow

A final look at the players who were eligible for the Rule 5 draft if left unprotected before the rosters were all set. We were able to predict who would be protected by the Reds.

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