The Cincinnati Reds have some interesting prospects throughout the system, but one of the more interesting players is Narciso Crook. He was just 18-years-old during the 2014 season and had played at a Junior College the season before and was drafted by the Reds in the 2013 draft.

At a young age he more than held his own in the Arizona Rookie League where he hit .255/.313/.423 over the course of 166 plate appearances (the average triple-slash line for hitters under the age of 19 in the Arizona Rookie League in 2014 was .237/.319/.331). His numbers were good on the offensive side of things. He played all three outfield spots for the Reds, but 36 of 38 games came in the corners with only two being in center field.

So, what do the scouting reports say about him?

Scouting Report


This is taken directly from the 2015 Prospect Guide.

The Cincinnati Reds drafted 17-year-old Narciso Crook out of Gloucester Junior College in the 2013 draft and while he was signed he didn’t make his debut until the 2014 season. Crook was able to show a wide array of tools during his first season as a professional. He hit .255/.313/.423 for the rookie level Arizona League Reds,but he really stood out in the instructional league after the season. The outfielder has above-average speed, an above-average arm and good power potential. His approach is a bit aggressive and will need to be toned down as he continues to move forward. He can currently play center field but at 6′ 3” and 205 lbs., he could outgrow the position in a few years. With a good spring training he could jump to full season ball and is an early candidate for a breakout player in the 2015 year.

Crook is a very well rounded player when it comes to his tools. He’s still a pull heavy hitter where 55% of the balls hit into the outfield are to the pull side and just 18% are to the opposite field. His plate approach, as noted above, will need improvement, but that is the case for most 18-year-old baseball players. Crook has all of the right things going for him and he’s coming off of an instructional league where he impressed everyone, so the team could be aggressive in his assignment for 2015. Whether he winds up in Billings or in Dayton he’s a guy who may not be well known to a lot of people, but he’s a guy to really keep an eye on.


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