The 2015 Prospect Guide is nearing completion. For those who have already pre-ordered, thank you. I’ve hit a few stumbling blocks this year that has pushed the timeline back further than I had planned, but it should be at the printing company before 2015 gets here. For those of you that haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, you don’t have much longer before the price goes up. Once the original order is placed the price will go up a few dollars. So if you are considering buying a book this year, now if the best time. Here is the scouting report directly from the book on outfielder Juan Silva. If you purchase the book you will get 100+ scouting reports on Cincinnati Reds minor leaguers.

Juan Silva has been in the system for a while now, having been drafted in 2009 and he has moved a bit slowly, repeating two different levels in his career. It hasn’t been due to performance in either case though, he’s just been behind other prospects that for one reason or another were viewed as needing to move up. Only once in his career has he posted an on-base percentage under .372. His plate discipline is among his strongest assets and in 2014 he walked just one fewer time than he struck out before his season came to an end after 67 games with a fractured thumb. With above-average speed he’s also been very successful on the base paths, stealing 34 bases in 2014 in 43 attempts. Silva has double-digit home run power that could fall in the 10-15 HR range in the future. Defensively he can handle all three outfield spots, though he shines in the corners and is mostly adequate in center. He may profile better as a 4th outfielder who can play everywhere and provide a quality at-bat or speed off of the bench there’s a chance he could start in certain scenarios.

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