John Sickels finished up his team rankings and he released the full list of over 900 players with their grades on Tuesday. The grades are still not final, but there will be minimal changes moving forward from the list.

With all of the grades out we can get an idea of where he would rank some of the Cincinnati Reds prospects. BElow I’ve broken down the grades and put the range that a player with that grade would rank.

Grade Where they would rank
A 1-11
A- 12-27
B+ 28-79
B 80-146
B- 147-296

Essentially, anyone he grades as a B- or better is someone that he views as a Top 300 prospect in baseball and anyone that is a B+ or better is a Top 100 guy.

For Sickels, he seems to believe that only Jesse Winker, Robert Stephenson and Raisel Iglesias are Top 150 prospects as they were the only Reds ranked as a Grade B prospect or better. That’s a stark difference from the seven Reds prospects that ranked in the Top 150 over at Fangraphs. Sickels is on the low side of a lot of the Reds prospects, while Kiley McDaniel at Fangraphs was on the higher side on a lot of their guys.

Jesse Winker and Robert Stephenson would both fall into that 12-27 range as Grade A- players, while Raisel Iglesias would fall into the 80-146 range as a Grade B player. Eight more players would fall into that 147-296 range as Grade B-players.

Tomorrow I will be back with team rankings and breakdowns based on all of these grades given out by Sickels for farm system rankings and information on where the strengths and weaknesses are within the system around baseball according to these grades.

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