The minor league free agency season has begun and there were 20, now former Cincinnati Reds who chose to test the minor league free agent waters. Here is the list:

Position Player
1B Marquez Smith
2B Hernan Iribarren
3B Sammy Diaz
C Yovan Gonzalez
INF Irving Falu
INF Jermaine Curtis
INF Ray Chang
INF Wendell Soto
OF Brennan Boesch
OF Chris Dominguez
OF Juan Silva
OF Junior Felix Arias
LHP Junior Morillo
LHP Parick Schuster
RHP Collin Balester
RHP Jacob Johnson
RHP Jose Cisnero
RHP Jose De La Torre
RHP Miguel Celestino
RHP Sam LeCure

The biggest name on the list is Sam LeCure. Perhaps the biggest prospect on the list is Junior Arias. The outfielder has several quality tools to work with, but he’s struggled to put them all together. With that said, his plus speed plays well on the bases and in center field. His struggles come at the plate, where he has tools but his unrefined pitch recognition skills leave him unable to consistently use the natural ability with the bat.

Veteran minor leaguers Marquez Smith, Hernan Iribarren, Irving Falu, Jermaine Curtis, Ray Chang, Chris Dominguez, Collin Balester, Jose Cisnero, Jose De La Torre and Miguel Celestino all decided to see if another team would be interested in their services.

Originally signed by the Reds out of the draft or on the international market, Sammy Diaz, Yovan Gonzalez, Juan Silva, Junior Morillo and Jacob Johnson also decided to see if there is another organization that would be interested in their services.

There was also one player that retired, officially: Joe Jocketty, who spent time with the Billings Mustangs in 2015 and got very limited playing time.

8 Responses

  1. The Duke

    What are the odds that Joe Jocketty is about to land a cushy front office job with the Reds?

    Arias, Silva, and Jake Johnson are the only names that raise an eyebrow for me. Most of the rest is six one half dozen the other at this point in their respective careers. The Reds are finally ready to get a youth movement into the upper minors as it is.

    • Doug Gray

      I’d be shocked if Joe wound up in the front office immediately. Maybe he moves into a scouting role, or something like that though.

  2. Krozley

    Since they aren’t on the list, are Negron and Bourgeois still controlled by the Reds for now?

    • Doug Gray

      As far as I can tell, both are still with the organization. There have been no transactions indicating otherwise.

  3. Rookie

    So which of these do you think will get signed elsewhere or end up back with the Reds?

  4. Norwood Nate

    Sorry to see Juan Silva elect FA. I always thought he’d make a decent 4/5th outfielder at some point.

  5. Tom Gray

    Of those 20, only Sam LeCure could help Reds in 2016 and only if he recovers his pre-2015 form and P skills.

    The others should be careful for the screen door.