Just a few days after I completed my Cincinnati Reds Top 25 prospect list, JJ Cooper released the Baseball America Reds Top 10 list. The two lists are pretty similar, sharing eight of the top 10 players between the two lists.  Here they are, side-by-side:

RML Top 10 BA Top 10
1 Robert Stephenson Robert Stephenson
2 Jesse Winker Cody Reed
3 Nick Travieso Amir Garrett
4 Amir Garrett Tyler Stephenson
5 Cody Reed Jesse Winker
6 Yorman Rodriguez Alex Blandino
7 Phillip Ervin Nick Travieso
8 Alex Blandino Keury Mella
9 Sal Romano Sal Romano
10 Tyler Stephenson Tyler Mahle

I had two outfielders on my list that were outside of the Baseball America list. Yorman Rodriguez and Phillip Ervin were on my list, while Cooper included pitchers Keury Mella and Tyler Mahle on his list at Baseball America. I had Mella at #11 and Mahle at #13 last week.

The list, in my opinion is very good. Cooper puts in a ton of work and has covered the system for 10 or 11 years now for his gig at Baseball America. You will need a subscription at Baseball America to check out the scouting reports for the players and to read the chat. If you do subscribe over there, be sure to go check it out.

The placement of Jesse Winker at #5 in the rankings is an interesting one. Not so much for the placement, but for what it may mean in terms of how many Reds could be on the Top 100 list when it comes out later this winter. The outfielder dropped out of the Baseball America Top 50 at the midseason point after ranking 47th coming into the season. In the 225 plate appearances following the release of the midseason update, Winker hit .299/.413/.497 for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. How far his season caused him to fall is unknown at this point, but he’s probably still a Top 100 prospect. If the Reds Top 5 would stay the same in the Top 100 (this doesn’t always happen as the Top 100 is a bit of a group thing, while the organizational rankings are usually more of an individual thing that gets reviewed), it could mean that the Reds have at least five Top 100 prospects.

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