As the Reds work on moving forward in their plan to re-tool, it seemed like a good time to dive into just how long the team could possibly control their top prospects, when they need to be added to the 40-man roster and how many options they have remaining.

With the trades that the Reds have made in December I have ranked the organizational Top 35 prospects at this point in time. Starting later this week I will continue forward with the prospect season reviews and scouting reports after some off time due to the holidays.

Below I’ve listed the Reds Top 35 prospects, as well as any prospect not in there but is on the 40-man roster along with their options and 40-man addition time.

Rank Player On 40-man? Options remaining? Needs added?
1 Robert Stephenson Yes 3 N/A
2 Jesse Winker No 3 After 2016
3 Nick Travieso No 3 After 2016
4 Amir Garrett Yes 2 N/A
5 Cody Reed No 3 After 2016
6 Yorman Rodriguez Yes 0 N/A
7 Jose Peraza Yes 2 N/A
8 Phillip Ervin No 3 After 2016
9 Alex Blandino No 3 After 2017
10 Sal Romano Yes 3 N/A
11 Tyler Stephenson No 3 After 2019
12 Keury Mella No 3 After 2016
13 John Lamb Yes 0 N/A
14 Tyler Mahle No 3 After 2017
15 Rookie Davis Yes 3 N/A
16 Scott Schebler Yes 2 N/A
17 Taylor Sparks No 3 After 2017
18 Jon Moscot Yes 2 N/A
19 Jose Lopez No 3 After 2017
20 Zack Weiss No 3 After 2016
21 Eric Jagielo No 3 After 2016
22 Aristides Aquino No 3 After 2016
23 Kyle Waldrop Yes 2 N/A
24 Antonio Santillan No 3 After 2019
25 Gavin LaValley No 3 After 2017
26 Jake Cave Yes 3 N/A
27 Tanner Rainey No 3 After 2018
28 Tejay Antone No 3 After 2017
29 Jake Turnbull No 3 After 2019
30 Jacob Constante No 3 After 2016
31 Wyatt Strahan No 3 After 2017
32 Ian Kahaloa No 3 After 2019
33 Luis Gonzalez No 3 After 2016
34 KJ Franklin No 3 After 2017
35 Sebastian Elizalde No 3 After 2016
N/A Caleb Cotham Yes 2 N/A
N/A Stephen Johnson Yes 3 N/A
N/A Chris O’Grady Yes 3 N/A
N/A Ramon Cabrera Yes 3 N/A
N/A Kyle Skipworth Yes 0 N/A
N/A Juan Duran Yes 1 N/A
N/A Tyler Holt Yes 1 N/A

Looking at the above list it, one thing really stands out: During or after the 2016 season there are currently 11 Top 35 prospects that need to be added. It’s certainly possible, almost likely, that all of them won’t be in danger of being drafted in the Rule 5 draft after the season, but it would seem that seven of the 11 are locks, short of being traded.

There are three players without any options remaining for 2016: Yorman Rodriguez, John Lamb and Kyle Skipworth. Both Jake Cave and Chris O’Grady, while having options remaining, can’t use them in 2016 due to being Rule 5 draft picks.

As with many rebuilding or retooling plans, there is likely to be a lot of roster turnover. While we have already seen the Reds go down that path in the last year, there is probably quite a bit more coming down the road in the next year or two with how things are looking in terms of players needing to be added to the 40-man roster as well as players who will be out of options over the next two seasons.

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