I’ve gotten a few emails over the last few weeks about The 2016 Reds Prospect Guide and whether or not it will be happening. Late in the summer of 2015, maybe even early fall, I decided that I was not going to be moving forward with the Prospect Guide as a standalone product. The amount of work that went into creating the book simply wasn’t worth the return, both in terms of the monetary and time investment as well as the health factors. The layout of the book simply took a huge toll on my wrist and has led to carpel tunnel issues over the last few years and it’s really only when I’m doing extended mouse work, which happens for hours at a time, for two straight months when working on the book.

That didn’t mean I was just going to rid myself of providing the information, though. Instead, I decided to simply provide all of the information and scouting reports for subscribers to the site. To this point, I’ve already written 40 reports within the Top Prospects series. Things will continue into spring training with one new season review and scouting report write up each day of the week until all of the Top 100 Cincinnati Reds prospects are covered.

If you’re interested in signing up to get full access to those scouting reports, you can sign up for subscriber content here for just $4.00 a month. Subscribing supports the site and keeps me able to keep doing this every day. Adding one subscriber today will literally provide me with more income than I made from advertising over the weekend (January ad rates are incredibly low, but they aren’t always as low as they have been this month). If you can’t subscribe, I understand. There’s only so much money to go around for non-essentials.