Every so often I share with you guys, at least the loyal readers of the site, an update on how things are going from my side of things, the business side of things.

While I do love running the website and writing about baseball every day, it’s only possible because of the money brought in by the site and the website development company that helps me manage it. Over the years things have evolved. To help you on web design ideas you can visit Web Design Cardiff. At first, there were zero advertisements on the site. Then I moved on to a few and now it’s grown to seven or eight on a given page. I’ve also added in the subscription service for more detailed scouting reports and articles for $4 a month.

Ideally, the idea is to get enough subscriptions coming in for the site to eliminate the need for advertising. Advertising sucks for you guys and for me. I do my best to control the kinds of ads that come onto the site, but until I sell the ads myself (which is something I’m simply not large enough of a company to do), I’m sort of at the mercy of google to provide quality ads. That can be hit-and-miss. Right now, while subscriptions have been growing, things are probably at about 20% of where they need to be in order to go down that road of no advertisements.

The big problem on my end with advertising is that you never know how much it’s going to bring in. You could have the same number of ads run in back-to-back months and one month will outperform the other by 100%. Some days the site will generate less than $10 in advertising because the rates are just so low for some reason, and that’s entirely out of my hands.

Recently I got an email from Amazon suggesting that I give their new service a shot. Essentially, it will run their ads after the article and if anyone orders something through there, it gives me a kickback of that order. The order doesn’t have to be a product that originally showed up, just something ordered after a user clicked on the link and found on their own, it helps out the site. Until something is ordered, it doesn’t pay much of anything, but if there are some orders it pays much better than a typical ad pays.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, consider clicking through the site and make an order there. The price won’t change for you, but it will certainly help support the site. I’m going to give it a month to see how things go with it and see if it actually does bring in some additional revenue. As much as I hate adding more advertising to the site, we’ve all got bills to pay and I’m hoping this helps out some.

Site Growth

As I stated after 2015, last year was the best that the site had ever done in terms of traffic. The site generated 44% more hits than it did over 2014, which was the previous most visited year in the history of this little project of mine. That seems to be carrying forward into 2016 as well. Traffic in January 2016 was up 46% over January of 2015 and so far in February things are up 35% over last year. Many thanks to everyone for checking in so often and returning.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that at some point in January I began to link to Baseball Reference player pages in my posts. By doing so that links back to the site’s news stories from Baseball Reference. Over the last month that’s brought in as much traffic to the website as Facebook has. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go, and realistically it’s nothing special (accounting for 6% of referred traffic for the site in total), but anything helps and it’s the offseason so perhaps that number goes up some when the season rolls around.

Going to Arizona

I’ve been trying to plan a trip to Arizona for the last seven weeks or so, hopefully the last week or so of March. The plan has hit a few snags along the way, including me having to buy a new car (old one had the transmission and differential start to go out within days of each other – which would have been $2000+ to fix, for a 2002…. so it wasn’t worth dealing with). That may have helped in the long run as I had planned to rent a car for the trip, which would have run about $400 and now I could probably just drive my new car out there and back. That saves some money up front on the trip, but the only way the trip will materialize is if another writer can go with me. We’ve been discussing things back-and-forth, trying to figure out how to make the trip work financially for the both of us and haven’t quite been able to do so just yet. There is still a little bit of time to get things sorted out, and it would be great to get out to spring training for a week and take in the back fields and maybe a big league game or two and report on all that is going on down there. Hopefully I will know one way or the other soon.

Other 2016 ideas

My hope for the 2016 season is to do more traveling for games. I will still probably only spend a five-game series in Daytona and Pensacola (hotels get expensive, quickly), but I’d like to be able to spend more time in Louisville this year than I have in past seasons as well as maybe make a trip to Billings at some point as well (this one is tougher to do because of the hotels and such adding up).

Aside from actually traveling more, are there any features that you guys would like to see (either things I’ve done in the past, or new ideas you’ve got) that would be beneficial to the site?

That’s all for now. If you stuck around to read this entire post, thanks once again.