Each Tuesday during the season we will look at who is leading the Cincinnati Reds Minor League Farm System in various statistical categories. We are still very early in the season, and some teams are at a disadvantage, particularly the Louisville Bats position players, who have had fewer games to rack up counting stats thanks to numerous postponements.

In the pitching section this year I’ve tried to break things down a little bit between starters and relievers and it’s noted before the actual stat with a “s” for starter or an “r” for reliever.

Stat Player Player Player
Runs Narciso Crook (7) Angelo Gumbs (7) 3 tied with 6
2B Angel Gumbs (3) Aristides Aquino (3) Tony Renda (3)
3B Shane Mardirosian (3)  10 tied with 1 10 tied with 1
HR Beau Amaral (2) Shed Long (2) Crook/Rachal (2)
RBI Beau Amaral (8) Shed Long (7) 6 tied with 6
Steals Tony Renda (5) Phillip Ervin (4) 3 tied with 3
Walks Chad Wallach (8) Brian O’Grady (6) Rachal/Hudson (6)
AVG Jermaine Curtis (.471) Angelo Gumbs (.405) Jesse Winker (.344)
OBP Jermaine Curtis (.625) Chad Wallach (.480) Angelo Gumbs (.468)
SLG Angelo Gumbs (.595) Jermaine Curtis (.588) Beau Amaral (.512)
OPS Jermaine Curtis (1.213) Angelo Gumbs (1.063) Chad Wallach (.892)
sERA Josh Smith (0.00) Rookie Davis (0.82) Robert Stephenson (1.50)
rERA Chacin/Mitchell (0.00) Peralta/Ramirez (0.00) Villarreal (0.00)
IP Amir Garrett (18.0) Tyler Mahle (15.2) Ty Boyles (13.1)
sBB% Tanner Rainey (3.7%) Robert Stephenson (4.2%) Amir Garrett (4.3%)
rBB% Wandy Peralta (0%) Jimmy Herget (0%) Martinez/Bernardino (0%)
sK% Jackson Stephens (38.1%) Robert Stephenson (29.2%) Cody Reed (28.6%)
rK% Jimmy Herget (50.0%) JC Ramirez (42.1%) Evan Mitchell (40.0%)
sWHIP Tim Adleman (0.80) Robert Stephenson (0.83) Tyler Mahle (0.96)
rWHIP Wandy Peralta (0.57) Jimmy Herget (0.60) Somsen/Routt (0.60)
Saves Kyle McMyne (3) Jake Ehret (2) Alejandro Chacin (2)

The season is still quite young, so guys off to a quick start, particularly on the hitting side of things are showing up in a lot of categories. Angelo Gumbs is a great example of this, and I actually wrote a little bit about him and his history over at Redleg Nation this morning. If you’re interested in knowing more about him and his background, go give it a read. He’s certainly an interesting guy worth keeping an eye on. Jermaine Curtis also finds himself all over the peripheral leaderboards thanks to an incredibly hot start for the Louisville Bats.

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