One of the top arms in the 2016 Major League Baseball draft was pitching in a big league stadium this week. St. Thomas Aquinas (Kansas) right handed pitcher Riley Pint took the mound at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City where his team was scheduled to play in a high school showcase.

Pint went on to strike out 10 or 11 batters depending on who you ask (in this tweet from his high school hitting coach it says he had 10, while in the video done by the local news it is said that he had 11) over the course of 5.0 innings pitched.

What was missing from both of those sources though was how many walks he issued. That has been the problem with Riley Pint in the past – his control has been spotty at times and he’s racked up higher walk rates than you’d like to see against high school competition that he should simply be able to overpower given his raw stuff. I’ve scoured the internet, from doing twitter searches for Riley Pint, to checking Max Preps to doing google news searches for a game story from Tuesday evening and outside of those two linked things above, there’s next to nothing available. How that happens in 2016, particularly in a city like Kansas City when the game was played on the big league field with a potential top 5 draft pick, I still don’t have a clue.

He’s thrown 22.0 innings this season and allowed just one run, good for an ERA of 0.32 this season. Those are dominant numbers, and with a fastball that’s reached 102 MPH, I’m not sure if I’m more shocked at his ERA being 0.32 or that fact that somehow high schoolers got the bat onto the ball enough to score once against him.

In a draft that certainly has talent, but nothing that seems to really separate any one or two guys from the rest of the top grouping of guys, Pint’s arm certainly stands out as the strongest from the class – but the control concerns remain despite the huge velocity and outstanding numbers against his high school competition.

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