Last week Delvin Perez took part in a big tournament in Puerto Rico that showcased the top talent from the high school ranks in the country. The shortstop has been linked to the Cincinnati Reds as a potential landing spot as the #2 overall pick in the 2016 draft and the Reds were out in nearly full force to get a look at Perez last week (Spanish required to read the link – or use your favorite translation tool).

According to the article linked above, the Cincinnati Reds have narrowed their search down to 10 players they are considering for their 1st round selection, but that “nothing is certain”. Chris Buckley has been to the island to see Perez three times and this past week the team sent several scouts including Tony Arias for another look.

Within the article is something rather interesting, though something certainly could be lost in translation, or there could be some confusion about what exactly was meant, but here’s what the google translation says, from the article:

New Day learned that the organization Cincinnati offered a bonus of $ 6 million to Perez should be selected.

New Day is the name of the paper, but they are claiming the the Reds have talked with Perez and discussed a signing bonus. There’s nothing really wrong with that, as it happens with just about anyone and happens with nearly everyone a team is going to select in the first handful of rounds.

The paper has a few quotes from scouts, which is something that you don’t often see as they generally don’t talk with their names being used about players. Joey Sola, the scout who helped the Astros target Carlos Correa had this to say about Perez:

His skills are above average. It is a very athletic shortstop with good defense and strength in the bat. It has all the tools to become a great player

Reds scout Tony Arias had something interesting to say about Perez, particularly in comparison to a college player.

It’s not a secret that Delvin will be among the first 10 picks in the draft. And it is one of the players that the organization is looking paraese turn. The advantage is that it is a young man of 17 years and will continue to develop. The college players already have 21 years and came to a stop. For Delvin it’s different. Has much to develop.

That can certainly read a few different ways, but I’ve been told that from the translation, google lost a little bit, and that Arias was referencing the physical development and that he will still grow into his body, while the college players likely aren’t going to see much more physical development.

In the tournament that the Reds and others were watching, Perez got out to a slow start in the first two games, going 2-7. He did pick things up in the remaining three games though, going 5-8 with four doubles and a walk.

There’s still no indication as to where exactly the Reds are leaning with their pick. What we do know is that Delvin Perez fits the profile that Cincinnati likes. He’s a very toolsy player, arguably the top one in the draft. He projects to remain up the middle defensively.

At the same time, last season when the Reds were making trades they were targeting players who were close to the Majors with the idea to shorten their rebuild. Perhaps that plan is still in place and will have them leaning towards a college player instead of someone, who Tony Arias noted still has plenty of developing to do.