Today is the last day that teams are allowed to sign non-college seniors that were drafted in the 2016 Major League Baseball draft.

The Cincinnati Reds have signed their first 17 picks. They have signed 24 of their top 27 selections and 26 players in total. They’ve spent over $14.3M in signing these players.

Everyone left is eligible to sign for up to $100,000 before it counts against the Reds bonus pool allotment, which has an extra $26,600 in it. Anything spent beyond that will be taxed and if the team goes over their pool by 5% or more, they will forfeit their 1st round pick in the 2017 draft. The team will not go over that amount – no one has ever come close to doing so since these rules were put in place.

It does mean that if the organization wanted to, they could spend roughly $700,000 on signings before reaching that point. It seems unlikely that they will do that at this point in time given that the “big” prospects left unsigned have all stated that they will be going to school. That includes 17th rounder Mitchell Traver, who is the player that I was hoping would be signed from that post-top-10-rounds portion of the draft.

Here are the remaining unsigned players from the Reds 2016 Draft Class:

Round Name  Pos 
17 Mitchell Traver P
18 J.C. Flowers OF
20 Todd Lott OF
27 Dion Henderson P
28 Cooper Johnson C
30 Vincent Byrd 1B
31 Austin Langworthy CF
32 Matt Crohan P
33 Nick Derr 2B
34 Ty Weber P
35 Walker Whitworth 2B
37 Alec Benavides P
38 John Wilson P
39 Otis Statum RF
40 Michael Bienlien P

Even if the Reds don’t sign anyone that is remaining, which would seem like a bit of a waste in the last 10 rounds to have landed just one signee, the draft was still successful at this point. They signed nearly all of their Top 20 round picks and landed three of the top 50 players in the draft, including two of the top 15 if you look at Baseball America’s list.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the organization were able to sign one or two guys on the final day. At the same time, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were finished and no one signed.

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