Mark Sheldon of just reported that the Cincinnati Reds had outrighted utility an Tony Renda to Triple-A Louisville.

When the team non-tendered Gabby Guerrero on Friday I really thought that it meant they had someone in mind from the Rule 5 draft (players to watch for coming tomorrow) that they were looking at adding. Now with two spots open I feel it is about as sure of a thing as there can be.

The Reds will have the second spot in the Rule 5 draft, so they realistically should be able to find someone who can help them in 2017. I’m not sure that clearing out two spots necessarily means they will take two players like they did a year ago, but it’s certainly possible.

There are several areas of need for the organization as it heads into the 2017 season. Whether that’s looking for a 4th/5th outfielder, bullpen help, another utility infielder or perhaps taking a big upside arm that they may want to just hide and use as a long-man with the hopes that it pays off down the road – there are plenty of ways that the team could go. It’s always been easier to hide a pitcher on the roster than a position player, but with how many places the team could use an upgrade, it would seem anything goes later this week.

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