C. Trent Rosecrans and Mark Sheldon both have written articles about the slew of title changes, promotions and new hires within the Cincinnati Reds front office. You can see the Rosecrans article here, and the Sheldon piece here.

There have been some new hires in the scouting department, from the Mark Sheldon article:

Mark Heil was hired as player development analyst, Mark Edwards as baseball operations analyst, Haley Alvarez as administrative assistant to baseball operations and Nick Wan as data scientist. Jim Moran, Charlie Aliano, Jamey Storvick and Rob Fidler were named as area scouts.

The job that Mark Heil will have is a new one to the organization. Here’s what Jeff Graupe (who is now the Senior Director of Player Development) for more information on the job and what it entails:

One of my personal goals for our department was to take a more analytical view at development in an effort to clearly develop each individual player’s plan. Mark brings a unique blend of scouting ability and database management to our group and will be tasked with evaluating our players at each affiliate as well as monitoring each player’s development goals with both standard and proprietary data.

The job title itself sounded exactly like what I hoped it would be. My initial thoughts matched up nicely with the job description. One size fits all simply doesn’t work as a development plan. Teams almost all seem to understand that these days. Still it’s great to see the Reds taking it to the next level. Having someone in charge of keeping tabs on the actual development of the players, their specific development, what is and isn’t working with them and then using that information to better develop current and future players could be a very big step for the organization.

New Scouts and in new areas

When it comes to the addition of area scouts, the name Jim Moran probably sounds familiar. Moran is the former minor league pitcher who was with the Reds from 2011-2016. His father was also a long time scout for several Major League Baseball organizations. Charlie Aliano is a long time scout around Major League Baseball, working most recently with the Houston Astros from 2012-2015.

Jamey Storvick and Rob Fidler will both be working in the Pacific Rim for the Reds. Storvick will be an area scout there. He previously worked the area for the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Dodgers. Fidler is listed as manager of Pacific Rim Scouting. That is a big step forward for the Reds, who have not employed scouts in this area. It was just a few years ago that Walt Jocketty said the team had no scouts covering Asia because it too expensive. I’ll assume that was a comment towards the price to sign players rather than the cost to actually have scouts there.

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